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GIA Certification Brings Clarity to Your Diamonds

Like diamonds themselves, the importance of GIA certification is multi-faceted. Issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), certification is a benchmark you can take to the bank. Without a dossier from the GIA, you won't know the true quality of your stones and will have to rely solely on the estimation of the jeweler. It is an important document to acquire as it can be very useful for both insuring your stone or selling it down the road

Understanding GIA Certification

The GIA grades diamonds based on their size, color, and clarity. Each of these factors determine a diamond's quality and value. The GIA's methodology and reputation are considered to be among the best in the world. A GIA certificate clarifies everything you need to know about your stones. 

A GIA dossier is not an appraisal. Rather, it is an examination of size and quality. It takes into account the "4 C's of the diamond itself; Color, Clarity, Cuts, and Carats. The diamond's weight is measured and the thickness recorded. Then, the symmetry, fluorescence, clarity, and color are graded within the dossier. Finally, the diamond is inspected for blemishes and the presence of a laser inscription. This information is then provided to you via a dossier that explains  

GIA Grades

The most significant importance of GIA certification is that it assigns a grade for your diamond that you can use to compare against other diamonds of similar grade and quality. These grades range from flawless to Included. The closer to the Flawless end of the spectrum that the diamond is, the more valuable it is to jewelers and consumers.

Within the color clarity scale, there are 11 grades. The difference between one grade to the next can make a considerable difference in the value of the diamond. A GIA certification removes any doubt as to the quality and clarity of the diamond.

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