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Advice For Buying A Diamond

Whether you are buying a diamond or selling it, you need to be cautious. Before committing to any transaction, you have to be well aware of the value of the diamond you have at hand. There is an array of factors that will determine the value of any diamond. The major factors include clarity, color, cut, and carat weight. The more carat weight your diamond has, the more valuable it is.

The color and clarity of diamonds are related to a great extent. A majority of the diamonds mounted on rings and other jewelry are of a color grade ranging from F to H. There are a few pieces that have grade D diamonds that are colorless mounted on them though they are quite rare. The grade H diamond is yellow in color, and a grade lower than that is considered ‘too yellow’.

Before buying a diamond, you should consult an independent gemologist to help you determine the real worth of your selected piece. The lesser blemishes and inclusions your diamond has, the higher its clarity will be, and it will reflect more light. The price of diamonds increases with an increase in their clarity and sparkle. A majority of people tend to prefer white and clear diamonds thus increasing their price due to increased demand.

Diamond Buyers of Arizona experts advise that you should visit many dealers to determine the actual value of the diamond you intend to buy or sell. Your selected legitimate independent gemologist will help you get the best value for your money. When you decide to buy a diamond, make sure that it has a legitimate certificate report to avoid being duped into paying more than the piece you want to buy is worth. The certificate should always be from a credible source.

Always do a thorough research to make an informed decision after establishing the difference between the arrays of grades available. Since some of the variations are not easily notable, ensure that your diamond is scrutinized using a 10X magnifying lens.

Studies have shown that circular diamonds are worth up to 40% more than other shapes. The variation in price is significantly affected by the high demand for the circular diamonds. Therefore, when you are buying a diamond always consider its shape since it will influence the prices. These factors will enable you to get the best deal in the market.