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Amethyst Stones

Amethyst stones are the purple-hued members of the quartz family; one of the most abundant minerals found on earth. Pure quartz is a rock crystal that is colorless and transparent; however, quartz is also found in different colored varieties throughout the world. Amethyst is among the colored types of quartz that are considered semi-precious gemstones along with citrine, a yellowish-green quartz and rose quartz, which is pink in hue. Amethyst is ranked relatively high on the Moh’s Scale of hardness. This toughness, combined with rich distinct colors like violet, purple, rose, lavender and mauve, make amethyst stones one of the most popular gemstones used to make beautiful ornamental jewelry. If you have amethyst jewelry you are thinking about selling to earn a little extra cash, you owe it to yourself to contact Ralph Mueller & Associates.

Amethyst, the traditional birthstone for the month of February, is considered the most precious and valuable stone in the quartz group of minerals. Amethyst stones are common at every level of quality, from rough crystals to cabochons and beads in casual jewelry to expensive and fine gemstones worth top dollar in fine jewelry. All of it is amethyst, but an amethyst’s value depends on its clarity, cut, size and especially color.

Color is the one characteristic that best distinguishes valuable amethyst from average amethyst. Their color can range from rose colored to lavender to light violet to dark purple but the Siberian amethyst stones with their intense, rich, deep vibrant purple shades with flashes of red and blue, are considered the most valuable and sought-after gemstones. Ralph Mueller & Associates is a well established buyer of amethysts and other precious gemstones in Phoenix. For the very best price for all of your used gold, diamonds and precious stones, call (480) 949-9299 today.