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Arizona Gold Buyers

Are you looking to sell your gold in hopes of making some extra money for groceries, gas, or your household bills? If you are, it can be very helpful to understand how the value of gold is determined. It is also important to understand how you can find reputable Arizona gold buyers that will provide an honest estimate of the value of your gold.

Giving Value and Worth to Gold

Determining the worth of gold is dependent upon:

  • Current prices
  • The weight of the gold
  • The Karat of the gold

The price of gold is hardly ever stagnant. It changes as world affairs impact the markets and the value of the dollar. If the currency of a country is unwavering, then the price of gold will usually decrease gradually. However, when fears about a country’s dollar begin to take hold and the economic future of the country is uncertain, the value of gold will begin to increase.

The weight of a piece of gold is determined by placing it on a special scale that measures it at 31.3 grams per Troy ounce. These scales are used by professional gold buyers and appraisers and should be used each time you need to determine the value of your gold.

A professional jeweler can determine the Karat of the gold. They can also tell you what portion of your jewelry is gold versus other precious metals. The total Karat of the gold will greatly influence the value and price of the piece.

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