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The idea of selling diamonds does not come easy to most people. These precious pieces are close to our hearts and we rarely want to let them go. However, there comes a time when they have outlived their usefulness in our lives and just sit on the shelf gathering dust. It may also be that the diamond was given in a relationship that has since ended. If you’re in this position, you should know that there are reliable diamond buyers in Arizona who can guide you through the process of selling your diamond for the best profit.

Why you can Trust the Buyers

People hesitate to sell their diamond for various reasons. Here are a number of reasons why you can trust us with your precious jewelry:

  • We have gemologists as part of our staff whose duty is to ensure that the diamond is correctly valued so you can get it’s full worth. These experts use modern equipment to ensure a very precise valuation.
  • You can walk into our premises for a face to face engagement. We offer personalized customer service so  every case is uniquely handled. We take a look at your jewelry, make an instant offer to buy, then complete the transaction as soon as possible.
  • We strive to protect your privacy at all cost. Your details will not be shared with any unauthorized parties.
  • We have over 6 decades experience in buying and selling diamonds. The experience acquired over the years gives us a keen eye for detail, enabling us to handle your diamond as a gem that it is. Don’t let it just sit there when you could turn it into some good cash.


What about Buying?

Used diamonds can offer an epic option for gifts and commemorative tokens. Not sure whether a used diamond is a befitting gift? It is important to note that almost all the jewelry sold to us is in perfect shape. A diamond can remain in tip-toe shape for years. Should any  adjustments need to be made, our experts are on hand to promptly do so. Do not deny your loved one the pleasure of owning a diamond just because you don’t have access to a brand new one. Ralph Mueller & Associates will help you pick a second-hand one that is just as good as new.  Get in touch with them by calling +1 (480) 949-9299.