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The Importance of American Gemological Society Certification

By Caitlin Bennie (October 22, 2018 @ 10:33)

If you're considering selling your jewelry, it's important to find a buyer who makes you feel comfortable with the sale process. One of the most important steps in finding a buyer is looking for the right credentials. One of the most prestigious credentials a jewelry buyer can have is a certification from the American Gemological Society. 

What Is an American Gemological Society Certification?

An American Gemological Society certification is awarded to a jeweler with extensive expertise in jewelry production, purchasing, and sales. An AGS-certified buyer will not only be able to explain their pricing in great detail, but will also be able to provide an accurate estimate of any items you show them. They will also be able to determine any modifications or enhancements to a gem and apply that knowledge to their pricing.

Long-Term Customer Service

When you work with a jeweler who is certified by the American Gemological Society, you work with a leader in the jewelry industry. AGS certifies jewelers who strive to keep themselves educated and informed about changes in the industry. Not only will an AGS-certified buyer offer you a smooth selling experience now, but they will also be able to offer additional service down the line if you want to sell jewelry again, have questions about your jewelry collection, or need other services. 

Business Ethics

Many people looking to sell jewelry for the first time worry that they may be taken advantage of or that a buyer will not offer them a fair purchase price.  When you work with a jeweler with an American Gemological Society certification, you can trust that you are entering into an ethical business relationship. 

How Does The Certification Process Work?

Few associations are as prestigious and trustworthy as the American Gemological Society. Each of their certification requires coursework, practice exams, and re-certification involving annual continuing education. This re-certification means that a jeweler will stay up to date on relevant skills and maintain innovative knowledge about the jewelry and gemstone industry.

The more skills an AGS-certified jeweler practices, the more intensive their certification process is. For example, a certified appraiser must know the differences between different gems, determine their value, identify different diamonds, and more. The Certified Gemologist Appraiser (CGA) is considered one of the most highly regarded professional credentials in the gemology industry. Our jewelers here at Ralph Mueller & Associates are certified by the American Gemological Assocation, and we do all necessary continuing education to keep our expertise up to date. 

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