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Opal stones are one of the most unusual and beautiful stones. Coming with the fire of many different colors they flash with a rainbow of red, blue, green, yellow, orange and others depending upon the stone and it's origin.

How Opals are Made

Opals are primarily made of silica and water, usually about 6-10%. Silica is what gives the flash of colors in the stone.  Opals come in many different varieties including white, black, and gray in the precious opal. There is also common opal or potch, which can come in blue, pink or white but is not generally used for jewelry.  There is also jelly opal, fire opal and others.


The best opals come from Lightning Ridge in Australia although there are other sources including some areas of the United States, Ethiopia and Mexico. Opal has a MOHS hardness of 5.5-6.5 and used usually for jewelry that doesn't get hard use such as a pendant or earrings.  If used for a ring, it should be bezel set to avoid damage to the edges and should not be worn for hard use. The only safe way to clean it is in lukewarm water with a very mild detergent. Also avoid high heat and sudden changes in temperature.

Metaphysical Qualities

Opal represents creativity and artistic endeavors.  Opal is said to increase memory and clarity of the mind and is a protective stone to be worn in dangerous places.  At one time, it was thought to be bad luck to wear opal unless it is your birthstone. That of course is a superstition with no basis in fact and is generally ignored now.


The opal stone is wonderful and full of color. They are all different, the most valuable being those with the most brilliance and color play, black opal being the most colorful.  People immediately fall in love when they see a good opal.

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