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Understanding the Diamond Color Chart

Understanding the Diamond Color Chart

The value of a diamond is based on several different components. These include the carat, cut, weight, certification and color. To understand the value of color, gemologists use the diamond color chart. The following provides a look into this rating scale and how it rates the color value of diamonds.

From No Color to Color

The diamond color chart uses an alphabetic scale ranging from D (colorless) to Z (colored). The other components of the chart include:

  • D through F-no color.
  • G through J-almost no color.
  • K through M- faint yellow color.
  • N through R-very light yellow color.
  • S through Z-light yellow color.
  • Z-colored.

The amount of color in a diamond greatly impacts its value, as a diamond with no color will have a much higher price than a diamond with a faint yellow tint. However, it is important to understand that the diamonds rated on the D-Z scale are still rated as white diamonds, even if there is a hint of yellow.

Purchasing Diamonds

Purchasing diamonds or diamond jewelry can be an exciting and costly venture. However, those interested in buying diamond jewelry can look for experienced jewelers who use the diamond color chart to assess and price their diamonds. By choosing a reputable seller who takes pride in their jewelry, diamond buyers can find accurately priced and appraised diamonds to be used for gifts and collectors items.