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Information About Diamond Color

When either buying diamonds or selling diamonds, diamond color is one of the four major criteria to be considered in determining a diamond’s quality and value. The other three evaluated characteristics are diamond cut, diamond clarity and diamond carat weight. At Ralph Mueller & Associates, our GIA-certified gemologists would like to offer a little advice about diamond color and how color affects the price you will receive for your diamonds.

In examining gem-quality diamonds for color, a gemologist will apply the standards set by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Diamond color evaluation is actually based on the absence of color. Chemically pure and perfectly formed diamonds have no hue, or color, considering them to be higher in value. Not all diamonds are colorless, however it is these crystal clear diamonds, referred to as white diamonds that all other diamond shades are compared against.

The GIA diamond color scale is the internationally accepted grading system of the gemological industry. At the top of the grading scale would be the letter D, representing colorless diamonds and the scale progresses through the alphabet, as the presence of color increases, all the way to the letter, Z. There are five categories on the diamond color grading scale:

  • Colorless diamonds (graded D-F)
  • Nearly colorless diamonds (graded G-J)
  • Faintly tinted diamonds (graded K-M)
  • Lightly tinted diamonds – usually yellow tint (graded N-R)
  • Tinted diamonds – yellow to brownish tint (graded S-Z)

Color distinctions are generally too subtle to be visible to the untrained eye. A trained gemologist can discern diamond color, as the very fine gradients of color can make a very big difference in a diamond’s quality and price. At Ralph Mueller & Associates, our certified gemologists offer professional diamond appraisals, so you know you will receive an honest, fair estimate of the value of your precious stone. To sell diamonds or other jewelry for the absolute best price in Phoenix, contact us today!