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Four Things That Contribute to Diamond Ratings

There are many different factors which go into diamond ratings and pricing. The higher the rating the higher the price for the diamond will be. If your interested in selling your old jewelry and wondering how the price is determined these qualities should help lessen any confusion you have.


The cut of the diamond will influence its brilliance and overall dazzle. Different cuts reflect the light at different angles. All cuts must be geometrically precise in order to show off the diamond. The cut grade is one of the most primary components when it comes to evaluating a diamond. The cut of the diamond refers to two aspects, the shape of the cut and how well it was executed.


The color of a diamond is extremely subtle and not visible by an untrained eye. Typical grading procedures for color include placing the diamond on a completely white background and next to another diamond which has already been graded. The scale ranges from D to Z, with diamonds at the D level having absolutely no color and diamonds at the Z level having the most color. Diamonds with less color are generally more valuable than diamonds with more color.


Almost all diamonds have naturally occurring flaws in them. Those that have no flaws are considered flawless. These are the rarest of all diamonds. The next grade includes diamonds with flaws that are extremely difficult to see followed by flaws which are easy to see under magnification. The last class when it comes to diamond ratings are those which have flaws visible to the naked eye. Flaws will affect how the light refracts off the diamond to create the fire effect.


Carats are often mistaken for size. A carat refers to the weight, not size, of the diamond. A well performed cut can make a diamond appear larger than the actual carat weight. Carats are often interchanged with points, meaning a one carat diamond is the same as a .75 carat diamond. Larger diamonds are extremely rare meaning value of the diamond rises according to carat weight.

Diamond ratings involve many factors, not just one. Knowing the four factors helps you understand the process better. When you no longer need your old diamond jewelry it might be time to sell. You just might be surprised to find out where your diamond rates.