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Diamond Symmetry

When diamonds are cut into shapes, facets, or flat, polished surfaces are intentionally created. Different shaped diamonds have different amounts of facets and it is the arrangement of these facets that give the diamond its brilliance. Diamond symmetry refers to the alignment of these facets and is one of the determining factors of the diamond’s cut quality. Below is some information about diamond symmetry from Ralph Mueller & Associates.

In order for the diamond to interact best with light to achieve its maximum shine, sparkle and beauty, its facets must be cut to be perfectly symmetrical. A good cut with perfect diamond symmetry is essential to a diamond’s grandeur because even a diamond with exceptional clarity, color and carat weight won’t exhibit the brilliance that diamonds are known for if its facets don’t reflect and play with light in the best way possible.

There are a couple of diamond faceting techniques that are most widely used in modern diamond cutting, each with its own unique light reflection characteristics. The goal in each case is to achieve perfect diamond symmetry. The most common faceting pattern is brilliant-cut faceting which creates triangular shaped facets, each facing out from the center of the diamond. Brilliant-cut faceting results in the wonderful sparkle and scintillation that diamonds are famous for. Diamond shapes with this type of faceting pattern include round, oval, princess cut, pear shape, marquise and trilliants. Diamonds that have a rectangular or square outline are faceted in a different way, called step-cut faceting. In this approach, the facets are elongated, placed in rows, and arranged in a series of staircase-like steps. Diamonds cut in this manner have a more subdued brilliance such as emerald cut diamonds, asschers, baguettes and carrés.

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