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Information about Fancy Color Sapphire Stones

Fancy color sapphire stones are the perfect choices for those seeking jewelry pieces offering something a bit different. These delightful stones come in a range of colors and styles, making them an ideal gift for the discerning jewelry lover in your life.

Sapphires Hold a Royal Place in History

In many cultures, sapphires indicate good fortune and wisdom. Accordingly, sapphires have played a role in numerous notable families over the ages. These exquisite gems date back to ancient times, where they were widely renowned for their unique beauty.

Sapphires Come in a Variety of Colors

While the word sapphire was originally derived from a Greek word meaning 'blue stone', these precious gems are now available in a wide range of colors. This includes:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Yellow

Sapphire stones achieve their distinctive hues based on their mineral composition. Starting with corundum, the introduction of other minerals, such as iron, copper, and titanium, can have a great impact on the final color. As a result, sapphires can make an ideal addition to any jewelry collection.

A Great Gift for All Occasions

For those gem lovers seeking one-of-a-kind pieces, sapphire stones can be an ideal match. Unlike more traditional items, these pieces make a real statement no matter what you are wearing. From beautiful earrings to delicate engagement rings, you are sure to be wowed by these gorgeous gems. For more information on sapphire stones call (480) 949-9299 today to speak with the experts at Ralph Mueller and Associates.