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Distinguishing Among Gemstone Values

If you’re looking to buy or sell jewelry with gemstones, you are probably wondering what your items may be worth. Gemstone values vary substantially based on the type of stone, the quality of the stone and whether it is of the natural, lab-created or simulated variety. Here is a closer look at each category.

Natural Gemstones

Natural, or “real” gemstones, are those that are created from the earth, such as the diamond. The most rare and valuable of the three varieties, natural gemstones are often hard to distinguish from lab-created gemstones, which is why gemstone values are often best determined by a professional with a highly trained eye.

Lab-Created Stones

As the name suggests, these stones are created in a scientific environment using pressure, heat and other techniques. While some lab-created stones are less flawed than their natural counterparts, they are generally less expensive—and less valuable—than the same stones would be in their natural states.

Simulated Stones

Like lab-created gemstones, simulated stones are also made in the lab, but the process is different and somewhat less involved. These stones generally appeal to the naked eye, but a closer look may indicate problems that an expert would easily spot.

If you’re interested in selling gemstones, you ought to work with someone well versed in gemstone values to ensure you are receiving what is rightfully yours. You may also want to get a few different quotes before parting with such valuable possessions. For more information on gemstone values, call (480) 949-9299 today to speak with the experts at Ralph Mueller and Associates.