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Gemstone Values: How Much Are My Gemstones Worth?

There are many kinds of gemstones available in the market currently. You can own a gemstone through inheritance, buying, or given as a gift. All gemstone values are majorly influenced by their market value. To know the real worth of your jewelry, it is advisable to take it to a trustworthy dealer for an entire appraisal analysis. You should take your jewelry to a qualified, experienced, and independent, gemologist who will give you a full report regarding your gemstone.

There are various locations where you can take your gemstone for appraisal starting with your local jeweler. The jeweler should have the tools and knowledge to determine your gemstone values accurately. Additionally, you can get a thorough appraisal from the International Gemological Institute, American Gem Society, or Gemological Institute of America. The institutions have technologically advanced equipment to test and analyze the actual worth of every gemstone.

First, your gem is cleaned to remove any superficial flaws. Then, the evaluator will conduct a general condition overview without any tools and then measure its carat weight, cut, clarity, and color. Then they will write a detailed summary description that will act as a legitimate certificate for your gemstone. The carat is the size in weight of your gemstone. The more carats it has, the higher its worth will be and vice versa.

The widely acceptable colors of gemstones range from light to dark with shades of grey and red featuring in between. The gems are treated by heating, filling, fracture, and diffusion to improve their color. The clarity of the gemstone is determined by observing it under a 10X magnifying lens. High level of clarity will increase your gemstone values. The flawless gemstone is that which does not have any clouds, blemishes, scratches, or inclusions.

Though particular shapes are popular than others, it is not related to the quality of their cut to entirety. A well-cut gem will exhibit even color reducing the occurrence of the unwanted blemishes and inclusions. The gemstones will always be available in genuine and natural forms. The natural gems are not treated or altered in any way while the genuine gems are treated in some way to enhance their appearance.

Treatment is done to enhance the appearance to make the gemstones appealing to the buyers. Therefore, the kind of treatment done will also influence the gemstone values as stated by the Diamond Buyers of Arizona gemologists.