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Get a Noble Price For Your Platinum

Old earrings, forgotten necklaces, and tarnished rings. These memories of a past life and experiences  that have lost their luster can languish within jewelry boxes for decades. While the memories these once beloved pieces of attire can diminish and fade with the passage of time, their intrinsic financial value cannot be tossed aside.

When you sell your old jewelry, you give it a new lease on life. It can be broken down into its parts; the metal can be melted, the diamonds polished, and emeralds cut and reset into a new piece of jewelry. And, you get to use the cash to make new memories and investments of your own.  

How it Works

When you contact Ralph Mueller & Associates, our Chandler platinum buyers will offer you a full gemological analysis of your jewelry. Our team of certified gemologists can examine your jewelry for its platinum content and will offer you a price based on current global market conditions. You may then decide that you want to sell us the jewelry, in which case we will pay you immediately for the sale.

Of course, you don't have to sell your platinum right away. We also offer consignment and brokerage services. This may be advantageous if the jewelry has considerable value beyond its simple precious metal weight. For example, an exquisitely designed piece, or a piece that has significant historical value. In these cases, it can be best to be patient as you put the jewelry on the market and allow potential customers to examine it and determine whether it is something they wish to add to their collection.

Why Sell Platinum

Platinum prices have declined steadily for the past 5 years and have stabilized around $1000 per ounce. It is likely that these rates will remain in this range for quite some time. That means that holding onto platinum will generate a lower return on your investment than other investments. Naturally, market conditions can change based on supply, demand, current events, etc., so it is up to you to determine the ideal time for you to sell your platinum assets to our Chandler platinum buyers.

We invite you to contact Ralph Mueller & Associates at  480-949-9299 to speak with our Chandler platinum buyers. We will be happy to answer your questions and arrange a time for you to drop by with your jewelry.