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How to Sell Gold Coins for the Most Money

p>Getting <a href="/about-appraisals/" target="_blank">top dollar</a> for your gold coins does not have to be difficult if you know who will give you the most the most for both older and newer gold coins. When most people think about how to sell gold coins, they might think that taking them straight to an auction house can fetch this highest price, but this is usually a mistake.</p>
<h2>Know What You Have</h2>
<p>When you know exactly what you are holding onto, you can get a decent idea regarding the value of the coins you have. Usually, a quick internet search can let you know how much gold by weight each coin contains and a little bit of history, including mintage&nbsp;about the coins. Some coins that are gold in color are not always made of gold, leading to some confusion (and sometimes frustration) when you want to sell them.</p>
<h2>Get a Few Quotes</h2>
<p>For the most part, gold coin buyers will give you close the same price no matter where in the area you go, but you might find someone especially&nbsp;willing to give you a few extra dollars. One thing to look out for are&nbsp;extremely <span class="scayt-misspell-word" data-scayt-word="lowball" data-scayt-lang="en_US">lowball</span> offers that are substantially less than every other quote. If that happens, you are either dealing with someone who does not know what they are looking at&nbsp;or they are trying to rip you off. Either way, you do not want to do business with them.</p>
<h2>Be Prepared to Only Receive Close to Spot Price</h2>
<p>One of the most common misconceptions people have when they want to sell their gold coins is that they will get the highest price they found during their research. What you usually see on coin grading websites is the price a dealer will sell the coin for, meaning they have to purchase it from you for less. Many gold coins are only worth at, or slightly over, what the spot price of an ounce of gold happens to be for that day. Rare gold coins can be worth much more, but coming across those does not happen very often, especially when dealing with something like an inheritance or an estate.</p>
<p>If you are interested in knowing more about how to<a href="/contact/sell-your-gold/" target="_blank"> sell gold</a> coins, or if you just want to see what some coins of yours are worth, get in touch with the experts at <a href="/contact-us/" data-cke-saved-href="">Ralph Mueller &amp; Associates</a>.</p>