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How to Sell a Diamond

Now is a great time to sell diamonds. A global decline in the production of superior quality gems and increased demand from countries like China and India have helped contribute to robust diamond prices. If you want to unload your sparkling gem, here are some tips on how to sell a diamond to ensure you are getting the very best price for your precious stone. 

Do Your Homework 

The more educated you are about diamonds and the diamond sales process, the better. Before meeting with prospective buyers, it is smart to have a general understanding of a diamond’s value and be prepared to ask questions. There is a lot of information available online. If you have an heirloom, don’t take the word of a family member on the value, but get it evaluated by a GIA certified appraiser. Doing your homework and being aware of what your diamond is worth is the first step in knowing how to sell a diamond. 

Be Emotionally Prepared to Sell 

Sometimes it can be difficult to part with a diamond. It may have been in the family for years or it may be a ring from a marriage that ended in divorce. If the piece has sentimental value, be careful that your price expectations are realistic; a potential buyer will not be moved by perceived value inflated by sentiment. Leaving any emotion out of the sale process can make it a lot easier. 

Following these two tips is a good place to start when selling a valued piece of diamond jewelry. When it comes to how to sell a diamond in Phoenix, you simply can't go wrong when you choose to sell to Ralph Mueller & Associates. Call (480) 949-9299 today to schedule an appraisal of your diamond by a GIA gemologist.