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How to Sell Diamonds the Ralph Mueller Way

Ralph Mueller & Associates has the best diamond purchasing program in Arizona.  Not only are they GIA certified jewelers, they have a buying program that's the best.

How to sell diamonds takes some thought and a bit of knowledge or education:

  • What is the carat weight of your diamond? Diamonds are weighed by the carat which is a unit of measure geared specifically to gemstones.  The larger the carat weight, the more valuable the stone usually.
  • What is the clarity?  Clarity refers to the clearness of the stone and whether there are any flaws, inclusions or cloudiness in the stone.  The cleanest stones, without any or few inclusions are the most valuable and hardest to find.
  • What is the cut?  This refers to two things, the shape of the stone and how well it's been cut or shaped by the cutter.  Cutting a diamond or any gemstone requires an experienced gem cutter who knows the angles for each particular type of cut to get the most brilliance and carat weight from the stone.  Rough stones may work for some cuts, but not others due the shape.  There are quite a few diamond cuts including round brilliant, pear, oval, emerald, princess and others that are not frequently used.

There's a form on the Ralph Mueller website that can help you with this if you have a good appraisal for your diamond and if not they will be most happy to evaluate it for you.