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How to Sell Gold Jewelry in Three Easy Steps

With the price of gold higher than it’s been in recent memory, people everywhere are looking to cash in on their old and unwanted pieces of gold jewelry. What these eager sellers have to understand is that it’s not enough to simply show up at a gold buying agency with a handful of necklaces and rings. If you want to know how to sell gold for the best price, just follow these simple steps.

Step One: Determine if it’s really gold

There’s a big difference between gold jewelry and gold tone jewelry. All true gold items will have a small stamp indicating the karat weight. Take a close look at the inside of a gold ring or at the clasp of a gold necklace chain. If it has a tiny number that says 14K, 24K, or something similar, you have a piece of real gold jewelry. If there is no such indication, you probably have something that only looks like gold.

Step Two: Clean it up

No one likes to buy something that looks used. Take some time to clean each piece of jewelry with a jewelry cleanser. This will make each piece look more appealing. Clean jewelry is also easier to handle and assess; the gold buyer will be able to process your collection faster.

Step Three: Do some research

People who know how to sell gold also know how to look for the best buyer. So spend some time and research beforehand to help ensure a successful outcome when selling your gold pieces. We are positive that once you have completed these steps you will have a better understanding on how to sell gold your sales experience will be a rewarding one. So contact us here at Ralph Mueller & Associates and start cashing in on your unwanted gold today.