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Pink Sapphire Stones

While sapphires are usually known to be blue, pink sapphire stones are used to create exceptional jewelry as well. Once difficult to find in jewelry stores, these stones are now found in a variety of pieces.

Madagascar Deposits

Before, 1990, pink sapphire stones were very rare, as they had only been discovered in small deposits in Myanmar and Sri Lanka. However, in 1990 new deposits were discovered in Madagascar, the island country off the east coast of Africa. This find greatly increased the amount of pink sapphires utilized in jewelry production, making it a popular choice for earrings, rings and necklaces.

A Palette of Pink

The pink coloring in these stones comes from the mineral corundum. When pink corundum is mixed with chromium, it creates a range of pink hues. These can include pale baby pink, bright bubble gum pink and shades of magenta. If titanium is present in the stone, it changes the crystal structure and creates pink sapphires with purplish hues. These stones can be very popular or not favored at all.

To Heat or Not to Heat

Due to the purplish hues that can occur in these stones, many pink sapphires are put under a heat treatment. This removes the purple tones, leaving the customer with a modified pink stone. While not all sapphires are heat treated, it may be something you want to ask about when purchasing your pink sapphire stones.