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Gold is a powerful motivator and has been for thousands of years. From emperors to everyday people striving to acquire that illusive thing called wealth, gold has captured the attention of generations of people seeking out success. Artists, poets, musicians, rulers, all have fallen under the mystic spell that only historic precious metal can cast.  Homer likened gold to the glory of the immortals, and like immortality, gold's intrigue has lived on through centuries of change and ambitious conquest. Do you have a unique piece of history hiding in your jewelry box? How can you ensure your special gold piece sparkles 'neath the glow of admiration again?

Are your unique gold trinkets getting the attention they deserve? Are you searching for ways to earn a little extra money to pay the bills or trying to put aside some cash for a much-needed vacation? If you have jewelry that hasn't seen the light of day for what seems to be a millennium, maybe it's time to make the decision to sell. There are reliable gold buyers in phoenix, AZ who are more than willing to give free jewelry appraisals, supply you with valuable information or simply answer any questions you may have about buying or selling jewelry in Phoenix, Arizona. And if you find that your treasured jewelry is worth its weight in gold, local jewelers are available to pay you the cash you need to start down your journey towards happiness.

Pricing your Gold Jewelry

By using a few rules of thumb in your gold transactions, you'll be aware and informed when you go to sell your valuable pieces. Here are some tips to keep you on the right side of profit:

1.) Look carefully to find the distinctive marks such as 10K14K or 18K. The karat is pivotal in terms of value.

2.) Find out the weight of your gold jewelry. Grams matter!

3.) Gold jewelry is often worth far more than scrap value. Determine how desirable your jewelry is by establishing who or who isn't the jewelry maker of your piece. 

If you have one-of-a-kind gold jewelry to sell, local jewelers are willing to pay fairly for it. Ralph Mueller & Associates are the trusted gold buyers in phoenix, AZ. Customers give this local jeweler* rave reviews for their* penchant for paying top dollar for quality pieces. Come in and find out how much they value your business!