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Sell Diamonds in PhoenixDiamonds have sentimental value not typical of other personal possessions, such as cars, boats or computers. Whether we receive them as family heirlooms, engagement rings or anniversary gifts, we are emotionally attached to our diamonds. Making the decision to part with your diamonds is difficult, but the fact is that there are a variety of reasons you may want to sell your diamond jewelry, including divorce, financial difficulties and other reasons. If you want to sell diamonds in Phoenix, contact Ralph Mueller & Associates to get top dollar for your precious stones. We offer the best prices on loose diamonds and diamond jewelry in Arizona and throughout the U.S.!

Ralph Mueller & Associates offers a free gemological analysis of your diamond jewelry by certified gemologists who will offer an honest, fair estimate. Depending on the weight and quality of the stone, we may offer you up to $128,000 for your diamond jewelry! We specialize in buying diamonds that are 1 carat weight or greater, and we offer a no-pressure quote on your beloved jewelry. If you want to sell diamonds in Phoenix for top dollar, simply click here!

The Phoenix diamond specialists at Ralph Mueller & Associates have purchased literally millions of dollars worth of diamonds and other precious gemstones from across the globe, and we have an established reputation for integrity in the diamond buying trade. If you want to sell diamonds in Phoenix, you owe it to yourself to contact us today!