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Tips on How to Sell Gold Jewelry in Phoenix

With the price of gold on the rise, many people are finding that it is the perfect time to sell gold jewelry in Phoenix. After researching the topic online, you may be left confused as to where you will get the best price for your gold jewelry. Here are some tips to follow when you sell gold jewelry in Phoenix:

  1. Be sure that the dealer is licensed in your state. You can easily find this information online at the State Board of Licensing.
  2. Check the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints against the company before conducting business with them.
  3. Shop around. Ask a few dealers to appraise your gold. Oftentimes, a jewelry dealer will offer a higher reimbursement rate than a pawn shop.
  4. Know the weight of your gold. Gold is measured in Troy ounces, which calculates to 31.1 grams in every Troy ounce. Ask a professional appraiser if you have any questions. This will ensure that you get paid correctly for the weight and quality of gold that you have to sell.
  5. Know the karat. If you have a 14 karat gold ring, it is 14 parts gold to 10 parts of other metals. This equates to approximately 58% gold. Know the karat of your gold pieces before attempting to sell them for cash.

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