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Sell Gold Jewelry in Phoenix

Over the years gold and jewelry have been part of human culture. In the Middle Ages gold was used as currency. Times have changed but their precious nature hasn’t. Gold still holds a huge value on the market.

If you are looking to sell gold jewelry in Phoenix, Ralph Mueller and Associates have got your back.  The value of gemstones, gold, and furnished jewelry keeps rising by the year.  You can make some extra bucks by selling them. However, selling these precious pieces requires expertise and experience to ensure you get the correct value from them. This is where Ralph Mueller and Associates comes in handy. With over 60 years in the game, Ralph Mueller and Associates have stood out as the prime leaders in business. 

Why they are redefining the gold game

Apart from their expertise, they also have a gemological lab that they use to assess all gemstones to make sure that they stock only authentic items. Every item received from sellers is taken to a special room, which is always under 24 hour surveillance, and inspected by their skilled employees. As for the authenticity and value of your gold, special steps are also taken to affirm these. Authenticity is a key in an industry flooded with counterfeit. Sometimes these counterfeits look so real that only an expert can tell the difference

How do they determine the price?

They will first check the number of carats, then a weighing process follows and is finalized by a value determination process. The amount of money you’ll get will be determined by its current value on the market. Their price chart is always updated so you can be certain that what you get for your used jewelry is genuine. If you would like to ascertain this, simply compare what has been offered to what the rest are selling them through sites like eBay.

If you are based in Arizona you can always ship your jewelry to them through shipping methods like FedEx or Registered US Mail. This way you can rest assured that your jewelry will arrive to them safely.

A lot of people don’t have the slightest idea on where to start when they want to buy or sell gold, jewelry in Phoenix. Contact Ralph Mueller and Associates today and make a fortune from your precious gems.