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Catch a Star Ruby Stone and Put it in Your Pocket

Do you own a piece of the cosmos? The ancients would say you did, if you possess a star ruby stone. Considered a talisman in India against misfortune, the star ruby stone has been a source of comfort and healing for admirers of rubies since the middle ages. Often confused with stones such as the red garnet or spinel, the star ruby stone shines a little more favorably in terms of desirability. If you've sifted through your jewelry collection and discovered this six-rayed phenomenon, a trip to your local jewelry store is in order!

A Star is Born

Star ruby stones are very similar to their corundum counterpart the sapphire. Sharing with the sapphire the same hardness on the Mohs scale, rubies, the second hardest mineral in the world are a popular choice for the millions of red color enthusiasts. July gives birth to numerous future ruby lovers, if only based on the fact that the ruby is the official birthstone of July! Avoid being in the red, (in terms of profit) when you decide to bring your unique star ruby stone jewelry to your nearby Phoenix, Arizona jeweler for sell or free appraisal.

Care for Cash

Appealing to a wide market of buyers, the star ruby stone especially is successful in the male jewelry market. Its silken luster after a good polishing is a show-stopper and its known durability continue to show it off in the best light! As the go-to gift for 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries, when your ruby/rubies are at their best, the path to profit is clear! Here are a few tips to keep your prized investment gleaming favorably in the eyes of jewelry connoisseurs:

  • While softer than a diamond, the star ruby is still extremely durable. Star rubies can be brittle though, so ensure if you have an uncut or unset ruby, go to a trusted professional.
  • Heat steamers and ultrasonic cleaners can damage fractured-filled rubies and should be avoided. Extreme heat and vibration can permanently damage your precious investment.
  • A gentle cleaning with warm, soapy water is the best way to go about cleaning your ruby piece.
  • If you purchase a star ruby jewelry piece for yourself, keep your work of art from harmful acids, store them away during strenuous activity, or while cleaning to protect them from unsightly scratches.

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