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What Is a GIA Certificate?

When buying or selling jewelry containing precious stones, it is important to ensure that the pieces are properly evaluated. Many reputable jewelry buyers will require a GIA certificate with each piece of diamond jewelry they buy. What is a GIA certificate? A certificate from the Gemological Institute of America provides the highest standard of consistency, integrity and reliability when it comes to verifying the authenticity of diamond gemstones.

The Certification Process

Before diamonds are purchased by a jewelry buyer, they must undergo a comprehensive evaluation of their quality. During this evaluation, the gem is given an impartial grade based on GIA characteristics. Appraisers will then record their findings on a GIA certificate. The certificate does not, however, establish the value of diamonds. It simply reports on the quality and characteristics of the stone.

What Is a GIA Certificate and What Information Does it Contain?

GIA created the popular 4C's of diamond evaluation which are commonly used to discuss diamond standards. These standards include carat, cut, color and clarity. Other important information that can be found on a GIA certificate includes:

  • Measurements
  • All inclusions and blemishes on the stone
  • Symmetry
  • Girdle thickness
  • Brilliance grade
  • Date and report number
  • Security features confirming the authenticity of the report

Those who are still left wondering, “What is a GIA certificate,” should seek more information from a dependable, reputable diamond buying company. Before selling your jewelry, check to ensure that the company will provide a GIA certificate and evaluation before making an offer for your jewelry. For nearly thirty years, Ralph Mueller & Associates has built a solid reputation as a trusted diamond buyer in Phoenix. Call (480) 949-9299 today to learn more about GIA certificates and the diamond appraisal process.