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Distinguishing between Yellow and White gold When Determining Where to Sell Gold

Pure 24k is very expensive and valuable. It is also extremely soft and malleable. To make gold more affordable and durable, alloys are added to it. Yellow gold is made by mixing copper or zinc with pure gold. White gold mixes with white metals such as silver, nickel, or palladium with pure gold. The Karat amount indicates how much gold is in the blend. 24 karat gold is 99.99% pure. 14 karat is 58.3% pure gold. The higher karat of gold is worth more when you sell gold in Phoenix, but it is not as durable for rings and jewelry.

Pros and Cons of Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is probably the most popular gold for wedding rings. It is the closest to the original color of pure gold. This type of gold is very hypoallergenic and requires the least maintenance of all the gold colors. Jewelers find it easy to work with. Still, it does need regular polishing and cleaning, and it does not complement pale or rosy skin tones. The best place where to sell gold is a reputable jewelry store.

Pros and Cons of White Gold

White gold is not as hypoallergenic, but it is more durable than yellow gold. It complements diamonds better, which is why white gold is popular. It is more affordable than platinum. White gold does not complement olive or darker skin tones, and it will need to be dipped every few years to retain its luster. Many jewelers provide this service for free, but it is very inexpensive to have this done.

Which Is Worth More?

Actually, white gold and yellow gold are worth the same monetarily, provided the karat amount is identical. 14k white gold is equal to 14k yellow gold. It comes down to taste and preference. If you don’t know where to sell gold, contact a reputable jeweler to evaluate your gold. Anywhere that states, “we buy gold in Phoenix AZ” should have certified gemologists who can evaluate your gold effectively to give you the best price. For more information on where to sell gold call (480) 949-9299 today to speak with the experts at Ralph Mueller and Associates.