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Why Should You Consider Selling Your Diamond Jewelry to Ralph Mueller

Do you have jewelry that you never wear? Are your items outdated or no longer have the sentimental value they once did? If so, you may consider selling your diamond jewelry. If you can make money on no longer wanted jewelry—or trade it for more appropriate pieces, what a great solution. If you live in the Phoenix area or plan a trip to the area in the near future, then gather up your old jewelry and bring them to Ralph Mueller & Associates, a top buyer and seller  of precious gemstones in the area.

There are many jewelers willing to buy your old diamonds and jewelry, so how do you know what buyer to go to? It’s a tough decision, but below are some helpful hints that you should take into consideration when selling your precious stones. The following tips mentioned in Forbes Magazine are.
• Make sure you know what your jewelry is worth before you sell it. Take your jewelry to a reputable appraiser who can provide you with an unbiased opinion. It’s best to get more than one opinion on the piece so you can get a general idea of what the piece is worth.
• Have a realistic expectation of what the value is and what you can get for it. Look at a variety of similar stones with similar characteristics on eBay, pawn stores, and retail stores. Keep in mind, the piece is “pre-worn” so don’t compare your item to new jewelry.
• Check out viable selling options. To get the deal done quick and efficiently, your best bet is to take your jewelry and gemstones to a jeweler, diamond dealer or pawn broker. Shop around before you make a decision.
• Make sure that you are ready to “let go” of your jewelry. If there is still sentimental value in the item, you shouldn’t sell it. Once you’re ready to let go and won’t be anguished by the sale, then you’re ready to make the sale.

Best Resource for Selling Your Diamond:

If you’re considering selling your diamond visit Ralph Mueller & Associates, a Phoenix-based diamond buyer that has been in business for nearly 30 years. They offer the best prices for diamonds and other valuables. If you’re ready to sell unwanted jewelry, call them today at 1 (480) 949-9299.